Physician Referral Policies

We appreciate your confidence in using DFW MRI for your diagnostic imaging. Below are our guidelines for referring patients:

Written Orders (requisitions) are required for all scans requested

DFW MRI requires written orders for all scans requested. Please send orders (by fax) prior to the procedure. Our fax number is 214-320-1402

DFW MRI requires that the referring physician's signed written order be in our possession prior to the patient being scanned.

We feel it is critical to quality patient care to have the referring physicians written order for our Radiologists to review when the patient is undergoing the procedure. In addition, it is a Federal requirement that all diagnostic procedures performed must be specifically ordered in writing by a physician who treats the beneficiary.

If the written order is not in our possession prior to the scan, the patient will be rescheduled to a later time. If the patient was scheduled within 24 hours of the appointment and the patient arrived without the written order, we will call your office to get an immediate fax copy or we will work with the patient and your office to reschedule the procedure as soon as possible.

MRI Studies List

Final Reports

Reports are available online through the DFW MRI website. For a link, username and password, contact your account representative by calling our marketing department at 214-320-1400.

You will receive a final report via Email or Fax as requested within 48 hours.

Download our Referral Script

Scanning Limitations

Limitations for Patients with:

  • Certain cerebral aneurysm clips
  • Parkinson's implant stimulator (in the brain)
  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Certain cochlear implants
  • TENS units
  • Certain cardiac valves
  • **Pregnant patients may be scanned after their referring physician consults with radiologist


A Water's View X-ray is required for exclusion of retained metal if the patient has ever experienced a metallic foreign body injury to the eye regardless of when the injury occurred. If a patient's acceptability for scanning is questioned, please ask at the time of scheduling. If you would like, fax your patient's record for review, 214-320-1402.

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